Christine Beenhakker

Christine (1959) is a Bachelor of Applied Psychology, NLP master practitioner and Mindfulness teacher.  She is also a certified Social Panorama Consultant. Christine has her own practice Reflecta for counselling, psychotherapy and mindfulness in Mierlo in the Netherlands.

She is a dedicated and certified counselling therapist for burn-out, stress, anxiety, life issues and work related problems, and also a relationship counsellor for couples, helping them to learn to manage or reconcile troublesome differences and repeating patterns of distress. Her main goal is to help clients find a new and helpful coping strategy with more life balance, happiness and wellbeing.

Christine is very interested in the theory of Mental Space Psychology. She often helps people to understand their family issues with the Social Panorama Model and recently has done a pilot project on the effect of the methodology Depression in Awareness Space for her thesis in Applied Psychology.
She wrote various articles for Counselling Magazine and INzicht on the field of psychology and counselling. She recently wrote an article about Mental Space, which was published in INzicht, the magazine of the NVNLP (Dutch society for NLP) in June 2016.

Life is not something that just overcomes you. Our moods naturally wax and wane, because it’s the way we are meant to be. As soon as we understand how the mind works, it becomes obvious why we all suffer from bouts of unhappiness, anxiety, stress and irritability from time to time. Through psychological counselling and mindfulness you can learn to break the circle of unhappiness and exhaustion, so you can develop a genuine feeling of wellbeing: the kind of happiness that gets into your bones and allows you to meet the issues of life with new courage. 

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