The Federation for Mental Space Research.

The goal of The Society of Mental Space Psychology is to anchor the psychology of mental space in a solid scientific foundation, and to share the knowledge about this subject as widely as possible. The more help it receives in this endeavor, the easier achievement of this goal will be. This can be help providing content, and financial aid is also welcome. The Federation was founded with the specific goal of aiding the Society of Mental Space Psychology in the financial area. By becoming a member, you not only contribute to the SOMSP and its goals, but you also receive various personal benefits. Also, as a member of the Federation, you will become part of a worldwide network through which you can make many new acquaintances in various countries. The Federation can also request the SOMSP to conduct specialized research, and members can ask for specific studies. So by becoming a member of the Federation, you will become a true part of the history of the SOMSP.

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