Michiel Brandt

Michiel is a business consultant. He trains organisations in techniques, sales and leadership. The nature of the questions asked during these trainings led him to become a Mental Space Coach, creating space for innovation for organisations and individuals.

In his own professional development Michiel has always been interested in the psychological aspects of life. As connecting people is his passion, he became a mediator. He came into contact with a number of other interesting areas, like Solution Focused Coaching and he is certified in several domains. He uses Dynamic Colour Drives, a psychological model based on Spiral Dynamics, to test clients and interpret the results.

As mentioned above, Michiel’s passion is creation out of connection. Michiel is also fascinated by the systemic aspects of interaction. He is certified by the Bert Hellinger Institute for leading organisational constellations.

His desire to coordinate all these ways of approaching questions led him to become a Master Practitioner of NLP, and a Social Panorama Consultant. The excellent results Michiel encounters with clients using mental space psychology have made him very enthousiastic about the techniques. He would like to make the world aware of these beautiful possibilities, by training, representation or articles.

Michel can be contacted at: m.brandt@somsp.com