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Rodrigo Ramos is a Brazilian integrative therapist.

His professional career started with a degree in Computer Engineering, working for big IT companies.

In 2012, he came in contact with the work of Hellinger’s Constellation and began to study his approach. Soon, he became involved with NLP-supported therapeutic processes. He received training as a NLP Master Practitioner, as well as in Timeline Therapy, Social Panorama, Meta-NLP and Metacoaching.

Over the years, the study of various techniques changed from a personal interest to the discovery of his calling to work as a therapist. He left the IT industry and opened his own private clinic.

In the search to broaden his therapeutic toolbox, he encountered the innovative works of the Social Panorama and the Mental Space Psychology. Amazed by this paradigm and its great possibilities and effectiveness, Rodrigo studied both with deep interest and eagerly adopted it as the focus of his therapy practice.

Atma Terapias - Rua Portugal, 148 - Sala 07
Curitiba, Paraná - Brazil
Instagram: rodrigoramosterapeuta
Phone +55 41 99658-9665


Sanjay Kumar Agarwal
Growth Accelerator Coach, TEDx Speaker & Author

Creator of GOPTA® Growth Model and GOPTA NLP Framework.

Creator of the VIPC Intervention, establishing congruence among values, identity & purpose and installing that congruence into the subconscious mind so that a person has specificity of intent in whatever he thinks, says & does with laser sharp focus on his goals.

Working on developing fusion of GOPTA with MSP so as to create Students Panorama to help students across the globe to become more focused on their goals and overcome their stress, anxiety & lack of interest in some subjects.

To follow passion to help people grow in their personal & professional lives, took voluntary retirement under the age of 50 from the job in the Ministry of Finance, Government of India.

Founder of ‘The Learning Movement’ and ‘International GOPTA NLP Academy’ and the Organizer of ‘International NLP Confex for Business Excellence’ Online 2021.

TEDx Speaker & Author of ‘CHOOSE Your Beliefs’, ‘Murder Procrastination’, ‘Teachers Are Shapers’, ‘Sleep – It’s Body Repair Time’ and ‘How to Add 1000 Productive Hours a Year to Your Life’.


Dr. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal

J-2074, 11th Avenue, Gaur City 2,
Greater Noida West,
Gautam Buddha Nagar,
UP, India - 201318

+91 8840431851


About me:

I consider myself an explorer of the mind, constantly seeking what a person’s mental space holds within. It is my passion to teach, learn and study further on how the human mind works. I believe the therapeutical possibilities of Mental Space Psychology are great and I’m eager to expand the knowledge of MSP and the usage of its effective tools to add to people´s wellbeing and their quality in life.


Tiina professionally:

Lecturer for NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner trainings. Advanced Coach and Trainer for Relationship and Couples, specializing on relationship dynamics and counseling. Actively working with clients on private practice focusing on NLP, Social Panorama and Mental Space Psychology.

Fellow Member Trainer IANLP, NLP Trainer IANLP, Social Panorama Trainer, Advanced Coach, Relationship and Couples Advanced Coach and Trainer, Finnish translator for MSD-1 Mental Spatial Diagnosis together with SOMSP Ambassador Marja-Leena Savimäki.



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Tel. +358 40 5361 061



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