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In recent years, the SOMSP has released several books, articles and videos. Some are freely available on these website articles. Others can be ordered from our webshop
Many translations of these publications have also been made.
You can find the book Mental Space Psychology in English, German and Hindi.
The book Mental Spatial Diagnosis can be found in our webshop inĀ English, Dutch, Finnish, Japanese, German, Spanish, Hebrew and Hindi.

The video Mental Space Psychology: An emerging paradigm can be found on YouTube.

The video Mental Spatial Diagnosis can be found on YouTube.

The video Navigating Social Oceans on the Social Panorama can be found on youtube:

You will find the video course Mental Space Atlas on Vimeo.

The video course: Misleading theories in psychology can be found on Vimeo.

The newsletters you can find here.

Articles you can find here.

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