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You are visiting this site to get information about the new paradigm for psychology:

Space is the main organizing principle in the mind.

Mental Space Psychology is not a therapy method, but a new insight into how the mind works. With a greater understanding of the human mind, new treatment methods have become possible, and existing methods can be better understood.



You are looking for a specific treatment for yourself or your client based on the principle of Mental Space Psychology. Results are achieved more quickly and are easier to determine.
You can contact one of our Ambassadors inĀ your country.
You can also look at the many applications of Mental Space Psychology in practice. Who applies

The Society for Mental Space Psychology has no control over the quality of practitioners or treatments mentioned on this site. The aim of the Society is to disseminate the knowledge of Mental Space Psychology. The Society cannot accept any liability.


Coach, counselor or Therapist



Working with Mental Space Psychology you will achieve:

  • Client insight into their own inner processes
  • Clear and understandable interventions
  • Understandable language
  • Quick insight into the results

There are many applications in practice. Examples are depression treatments or development of healthy eating patterns.
The Social Panorama is also frequently used. For training or scientific support look here.




Mental Space Psychology is followed by scientists from all sorts of disciplines. The first scientifically substantiated book on NLP deals extensively with Mental Space Psychology.

Neurolinguistic Programming in Clinical Settings
Theory and evidence-based practice
Edited By Lisa de Rijk, Richard Gray, Frank Bourke



The aim of The Society for Mental Space Psychology Foundation is to spread the knowledge of Mental Space so that new scientific insights and therapeutic possibilities arise. The foundation has no commercial objective.
Want to know more about this new psychological paradigm?
Please contact the chairman (Michiel Brandt) or the head of Science (Dr Lucas Derks).
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