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The Society for Mental Space is run by a group of volunteers, no one is paid to do so. All board members have an affinity with coaching and therapy.
The Society for Mental Space is a foundation and is non-profit-making. The Society works on the basis of scientific insights. There is room on the board for scientists in the psychological or sociological field.

The board now consists of the following people:
The board aims to involve the Ambassadors as much as possible in fulfilling the Society's objectives.

Tasks are carried out with a team of volunteers from the Ambassadors, with the leader of the [Committee] coming from the Board.
The Board initiates and supports research, publications and video productions.

The board is assisted by the Advisory Council. This Council meets at least once a year. Two members of the Board annually discuss developments within the Society with the Council members. The Council advises on the desired direction for the Society and on new developments. The Council gives solicited and unsolicited advice to the Board. Council members are not paid.

Candidate Council Members are invited and assessed by the Council itself. The Council elects a chairman from among its members.
The Council now consists of: 

The board strives to involve Ambassadors in policy and its implementation wherever possible.
This is done with Committees:


International Ambassadors

The paradigm of Mental Space Psychology goes around the world.

The Society is represented in many countries by Ambassadors who enthusiastically spread the knowledge of spatial psychology. Ambassadors are appointed by the Board of the Society. The board expresses its confidence that they will spread information about Spatial Psychology competently and actively. The Ambassadors are professionals and experts in the field of Spatial Psychology. They are completely autonomous and once appointed they are not judged by the Society in their work. The Society can however withdraw the Ambassadorship.
How to become an ambassador Click here.


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Society for Mental Space Psychology

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