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Aamand, Hanne

About me:

I work part time as a social and health assistant at a residence for mentally ill people with double diagnosis´. NLP Psychotherapist and coach. I also work with systemic family constellations and I am a NLP Master Trainer. I am looking forward to work as an ambassador for Mental Space and to expand the knowledge of it in Denmark.

Hanne professionally:

General therapist specializing in working with vulnerable people in a life crisis. Lecturer for NLP practitioner, NLP Master, conversations counselor and NLP Psychotherapist. In addition I also work with people in groups during 12 weeks, 1 session a week mostly clients with stress, PTSD, depression, anxiety and personality disorders. Spiritual healer – The voice of weakness both living and dead. This being used in therapy as well as spiritual evenings – here focusing on passing on messages. Drum maker – Shaman drums. Trauma Release Exercise (TRE) practitioner focusing on the release of stress and trauma.

Mental Space will be an integral part of NLP-Fyns education for NLP Physiotherapists focusing mainly on eating disorders and depression. My personal focus lies in the language of the client during therapy sessions.

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Hanne Aamand
Dronningensvej 7 1. th.
5800 Nyborg
Tel: + 45 27 28 60 99

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