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Bovo, Viviani

For me, one of the highest values in life is self-development, I seek this hard for myself, and my mission is to take as many people with me on this journey. Being an MSP ambassador brings me satisfaction and joy, because I can help more people have access to this wonderful tool for self-knowledge.

As a Therapist and Trainer I specialize in Social Panorama, NLP, Hypnosys, Focusing, Family Constellations and Somatic Experiencing. I see MSP as a foundation, a basis for using any of these approaches, they integrate perfectly. Furthermore, MSP helps me explain to my students, and for them to understand, much more clearly how our internal structure works and how we deal with it, and how interventions work based on this structure and its organization of time and space.

Campinas, SP, Brazil


YouTube: Viviani Bovo

Instagram: vivianibovo

Site:  and

whatsapp: +55 19 99700-7810

Bovo, Viviani
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