Society for Mental Space Psychology

From the first moment, I found a great affinity with the concepts and the innovative vision regarding the Psychology of Mental Space.

I come from a classical background in Psychology, in an approach involved in the context of Dynamic Psychology and, somehow, the Psychology of Mental Space began to be an open door to new concepts and contexts.

After the first contact with Lukas Derks, in the Social Panorama Consultant course, I never stopped being in touch with what was being developed at SOMSP and, whenever possible, participating in events.

In fact, and with the experience that I am acquiring with professional practice, I find in the concepts tools to approach the issues, both in the context of Psychotherapy and in the application in terms of Psychology of Organizations, which I believe to be a new generation of the vision of behavior, psychology and societies that is increasingly framed in my practice and,  somehow, in my related convictions.

I have a Degree in Psychology, with a PhD in Cognitive Psychology, as well as training and certification in Coaching, NLP – Master Trainer, as well as certification in Coaching Supervision.

I develop my activity as a psychotherapist and trainer/teacher, and I am currently responsible for the Human Capital of a Consulting company in Angola.

The Psychology of mental space begins to be, from my point of view, more than a methodology or a concept, a state of mind that, in some way, opens up to us mental – and psychological – representations from a perspective that allows interactions with different levels of perception, at the same time, that assumes itself as an evolving and dynamic structure of the structure and ecology of the personality.  Thus allowing intervention at the personal level and also at the level of groups and organizations, making even more true the concept that:

A Man is a Man, an Animal is an Animal and a Group is a Group.

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