Society for Mental Space Psychology

About me:

I consider myself an explorer of the mind, constantly seeking what a person’s mental space holds within. It is my passion to teach, learn and study further on how the human mind works. I believe the therapeutical possibilities of Mental Space Psychology are great and I’m eager to expand the knowledge of MSP and the usage of its effective tools to add to people´s wellbeing and their quality in life.


Tiina professionally:

Lecturer for NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner trainings. Advanced Coach and Trainer for Relationship and Couples, specializing on relationship dynamics and counseling. Actively working with clients on private practice focusing on NLP, Social Panorama and Mental Space Psychology.

Fellow Member Trainer IANLP, NLP Trainer IANLP, Social Panorama Trainer, Advanced Coach, Relationship and Couples Advanced Coach and Trainer, Finnish translator for MSD-1 Mental Spatial Diagnosis together with SOMSP Ambassador Marja-Leena Savimäki.



Contact email

Tel. +358 40 5361 061



About me:

Marja-Leena professionally:


The Finnish Social Panorama Centre.
NLP Trainer, Certified Social Panorama Consultant and Fellow Member Trainer IANLP.

Marja-Leena Savimäki





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