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Alexandra Efthimiadou established nlpgreece® in 1998, and since then she has a successful twenty five years course of action in Greece and Cyprus. With initial studies in Organizational Behavior & Psychology, a Master's degree in Social Science, UK, and a PhD in Human Resource Development,USA, she approaches the human potential in a systemic way and provides people with leading-edge methodologies aiming to release their resourcefulness & generativity in paradigm shifts.

Embracing the values of collective intelligence, science – evidence, modelling as the foundation of NLP, Alexandra and the professional team of the nlpgreece®, expanded forming strategic alliances with established institutions around the world , among them NLP University, Dilts Strategy Group, Judith Delozier & Associates, Shelle Rose Charvet, Wassilil Zafiris. The proposed SOMSP ambassadorship and the cooperation with Lucas Derks, comes with an important occasion. 2023 marks our 25 years anniversary and the new motto we patented is “young since” 1998.  This means that we never stop updating our own knowledge, and enriching our repertoire with innovative science - based systemic approaches, among them Social Panorama and the Mental Space Psychology in which our team was trained.  It is an honor and this cooperation leverages the importance we put upon the epistemology.

This approach increased the credibility of nlpgreece® among circles of professionals and academicians in Greece and Cyprus and led to the establishment of collaborations with the Athens Kapodistrian University Medical School and the University of Piraeus for Systemic Studies for Entrepreneurs.

Alexandra In addition authored books: NLP – Neuro-linguistic Programming Demythologised, and Parto Allios (a very Greek expression, one of its meanings being “think how you think and think it over”) and articles: The Risk of Ambiguity in Metaphors, Journal of Experiential Psychotherapy, Vol 21, No 4, Dec 2018 & “Disobedience”— A fundamental systemic component in the origins of scientific study, International Journal of Applied of Systemic Studies: Interscience Publishers, 2022



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Lecturer in Criminal Psychology, Family Therapist, Behavioral Analyst, Master NLP Trainer (on track)

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