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Certified Facilitator, Social Entrepreneur Developer & NLP Master Trainer (NLPU, UCSC).
Certified Global Leadership Consultant.
Certified Neuro-semantic trainer/ pioneer & accredited meta- coach.
Public speaker and author.

Wassili Zafiris

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About me:


Eenzijdig Relaties Verbeteren - ERV®

Therapist, hypnotherapist, counselor
Teacher of hypnotherapy at several academies
Teacher of Social Panorama
Teacher of Eenzijdig Relaties Verbeteren (uni-lateral improvement of relationships)

Claudie van Ginneken

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Sanne Nozza has her own business in the coaching field and she helps people to adress other parts of the self, so they can open up to possibilities which are unknown or unseen and invite possibilities and magic and miracles. People discover new parts of the self and give themselves permission to work and live from the heart.
She is a proud secretary of the Society of Mental Space Psychology.

As a coach Sanne loves to work with different techniques and she is open to improvising and combining different points of view. After she completed her study Pedagogy at the University, she studied NLP on the Master level, where she first came across Mental Space Psychology in the form of Social Panorama. Since then, she has kept on professionalising myself in the coaching field, for example with constellations and quantum healing.

Working with Mental Space Psychology is liberating, Sanne thinks. It’s a relief to see how easily people indicate all kinds of themes in their space and it clarifies so many things. We don’t need many words, and we can use creativity and imagination. She LOVES that!

Sanne can be reached at:

The details of her company are:

Sanosi Coaching
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And at social media


Jacqueline Heemskerk-Scholten (1960) has a practice for coaching and psychotherapy in Katwijk, the Netherlands.
In 1991 she started her hypnotherapy training where she was already being taught by Lucas Derks in that same period Lucas developed the Social Panorama. Jacqueline is still in proud possession of the 1st draft book of the Social Panorama which Lucas gave to some of his students during an extra training session. Even in the NLP training Jacqueline took at IEP, Institute for Eclectic Psychology, Lucas taught NLP and spatial interventions were already being used at that time in 1994.

Jacqueline is Mental Space Psychology therapist and trainer, IANLP coach, NLP Master Practitioner, certified Social Panorama Consultant, certified Hypnotherapist, certified by the Bert Hellinger institute for family constellations and has the diploma primary medical knowledge. She attended many workshops by national and international trainers and therapists.

Organizer and assistant of the MSP trainings by Lucas Derks in the Netherlands and organizer of the online international MSP and Social Panorama trainings.

Jacqueline is in the board of the Society for Mental Space Psychology as research committee member, and she is responsible for the social media. She also tries to find people through social media or the international trainings who are interested and suitable for being ambassadors for the SOMSP. And also seeks audiences other than psychologists and therapists who can apply Mental Space Psychology in their work.
She is associated with the International Laboratory for Mental Space Research, Berlin (Ger), Nijmegen (NL), Linz (Aus) as psychotherapy researcher.

Jacqueline has participated as a therapist in a Dutch clinical study on the treatment of a mild depression with NLP and was also a research assistant. Her research into binge eating and overweight followed this experience.
The scientific article of this was published in the book by Lisa de Rijk, Richard Grey and Frank Bourke, Neurolinguistic programming in clinical settings, theory and evidence-based practice.

Jacqueline developed Mental Space Psychology Food and Overweight Panorama and regularly gives MSP-Binge Eating and Overweight training for therapists and a mental space training for nutrition professionals.  She developed the online training, unconsciously eating healthy© and losing weight, change your unconscious eating pattern in 3 lessons with video guidance.

Website also for MSP trainings

Social media:

Jacqueline Heemskerk
Heemskerk coaching 
MSP Food Panorama

Heemskerk coaching Katwijk
Nederlandse academie voor Mentale Ruimte Psychologie

Heemskerk coaching Katwijk

Ever since childhood Gert has been fascinated by consciousness and the gamut of states and processes it exhibits, including what commonly, and rather ironically, is called the unconscious. This led to his becoming an avid practitioner of several traditional forms of meditation. Teaching meditation was the logical next step. However, his explorations went beyond this and his studies have led him to become a hynotherapist whose approach is an integration of meditation, Gendlin’s Focussing, NLP and Lucas Derks’ Social Panorama. As a teacher of English and student coach at secondary schools, these skills stood him in good stead helping students who were troubled by fear of failure and the like.

For many years Gert has taught hypnotherapy at several institutions and conducted workshops in the fields of mindfulness, hypnotherapy, NLP and and cognate disciplines. From the beginning he has written about these subjects: besides original articles, he has translated articles from e.g. the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis and the greater part of Origins of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

All these activities have been permeated with the psycho-physical processes of improvisation, with which he is intimately acquainted as an amateur modern jazz pianist.

Gert can be contacted at:

Michiel has been a business consultant for many years. He trained in organisations techniques, sales and leadership. The nature of the questions asked during these trainings led him to become a Mental Space Coach, creating more space for innovation and initiatives for both organisations and individuals.
Michiel has always been interested in the psychological aspects of life. As connecting people is his passion, he became a mediator. He came into contact with a number of other interesting areas, like Solution Focused Coaching and he is certified in several domains.
Michiel’s passion is creation out of connection. Michiel is also fascinated by the systemic aspects of interaction. He is certified by the Bert Hellinger Institute for leading organisational constellations.
His desire to coordinate all these ways of approaching questions led him to become a Master Practitioner of NLP, and a Social Panorama Consultant. In the Health Certification Training he was trained in medical NLP. In this he recognized many aspects of Mental Psychology. Michiel encountered excellent results with clients using MSP. This has made him very enthusiastic. He likes to make the world aware of these beautiful possibilities, by training, presentations, or articles.

Michel can be contacted at:

The details of his company are:

MichielBrandt KennisPraktijk
Konijnenberg 88a
4825 BE Breda
+31 (0)6 538 341 29
Michiel Brandt


Robert is a senior business coach with many years of experience as an entrepreneur. After making aquaintance with NLP and the Social Panorama, he joined Lucas Derks and René Koppelaar in an endeavour to set up the society for mental space psychology (SOMSP).

For two years they discussed their desire to start a worldwide organization open for all people interested in mental space psychology, and they also created the architecture of the new organization. Much attention was given to their aspiration to give the Society a scientific backbone.

They continue to work on this inspiring project, supported by enthusiastic volunteers.

Robert can be contacted at

The details of his company are:


Lucas Derks Ph.D. is a Social Psychologist, a scientific member of the board of the SOMSP since 2012, and a fellow member of the International Laboratory for Mental Space Research since 2003.

From approximately 1970 on he developed an interest in psychology. He started his study in 1976 and obtained his master's degree in psychology in 1982. His interest in NLP started when he came into contact with the work of Bandler and Grinder in 1977. This was the start of his voyage into this subject, and he soon followed an NLP practitioner's training, and a master's training in Nijmegen. He has been active as an NLP-therapist since 1982. In 1986 he decided to devote himself exclusively to NLP-based practices. From 1993 onwards, he became involved in the development of a new method in the field of social systems: the Social Panorama. The connection between NLP and social psychology has become his major activity over the last decade. In 2013 he started the institute for Mental Space Psychology (SOMSP) together with Robert Hemelaar en René Koppelaar. Their goal is to provide a platform for all people interested in the psychology of mental space, and to facilitate scientific research into this exciting field. The general principles that give shape to the social panorama gave rise to Mental Space Psychology: space as the primary organizing principle in cognition.

Lucas can be contacted at:

The details of his company are:

Sociaal Panorama
Van den Boenhoffstraat 27
6525 BZ Nijmegen

0031 (0)24 322 13 66

René (1955) is an NLP Master Practitioner. Together with Lucas Derks and Robert Hemelaar, he founded the Society for Mental Space Psychology (SOMSP) in 2012. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors.. Furthermore, he manages the websites of the Society. He also takes care of the finances.

Since 2005 he has been active as an independent coach and trainer. His training as a coach (based on Carl Rogers) led to his interest in NLP in 2004. During an NLP workshop he developed an interest in the Social Panorama. His hope for the SOMSP is that it will form a connection between all the different aspects that make up mental space, so that these aspects can reinforce each other. He also promotes the development of targeted scientific research into the effects of coaching within mental space.

René can be reached at:

The details of his company are:

Coppelaer Consultancy
Koningin Maximahof 56
4424 BZ  Wemeldinge

0031(0)6 519 784 61


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