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Fuster López, Isabel

Isabel professionally:

María Isabel Fuster López works as life and mental Coach, applying her knowledge to teaching languages and accompanying people in their transformation and in overcoming their fears. She also translates books into Spanish and into Italian.

She has worked as tutor in the Open University in Spain for 13 years; now living in Italy she prepares tailor-made courses for self-employed professionals in English and Spanish.

For 27 years she worked for the Public Administration always working in contact with people and realizing about communication problems.

Very young she had taken her degree in English Language and Literature and also a Master’s degree in English translation and interpreting. More recently in Italy where she lives since 2018, she has studied a Master of Arts in Counselling and Coaching skills in professional and organisational contexts.

Since 2015, when she discovered NLP, she has become:

  • NLP Trainer
  • IANLP Fellow Member Trainer.
  • Coach Wingwave®
  • Coach Wingwave® online
  • Master Practitioner in Lab Profile®
  • Trainer in Magic Words.
  • Social Panorama Consultant

In 2020 she has been awarded the third prize with particular recognition in the Wingwave® Coaching Awards in Hamburg and in 2021 she became Ambassador SoMSP in Italy.

Fuster López, Isabel
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