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Ever since childhood Gert has been fascinated by consciousness and the gamut of states and processes it exhibits, including what commonly, and rather ironically, is called the unconscious. This led to his becoming an avid practitioner of several traditional forms of meditation. Teaching meditation was the logical next step. However, his explorations went beyond this and his studies have led him to become a hynotherapist whose approach is an integration of meditation, Gendlin’s Focussing, NLP and Lucas Derks’ Social Panorama. As a teacher of English and student coach at secondary schools, these skills stood him in good stead helping students who were troubled by fear of failure and the like.

For many years Gert has taught hypnotherapy at several institutions and conducted workshops in the fields of mindfulness, hypnotherapy, NLP and and cognate disciplines. From the beginning he has written about these subjects: besides original articles, he has translated articles from e.g. the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis and the greater part of Origins of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

All these activities have been permeated with the psycho-physical processes of improvisation, with which he is intimately acquainted as an amateur modern jazz pianist.

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