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Heemskerk, Jacqueline

Jacqueline Heemskerk-Scholten (1960) has a practice for coaching and psychotherapy in Katwijk, the Netherlands.
In 1991 she started her hypnotherapy training where she was already being taught by Lucas Derks in that same period Lucas developed the Social Panorama. Jacqueline is still in proud possession of the 1st draft book of the Social Panorama which Lucas gave to some of his students during an extra training session. Even in the NLP training Jacqueline took at IEP, Institute for Eclectic Psychology, Lucas taught NLP and spatial interventions were already being used at that time in 1994.

Jacqueline is Mental Space Psychology therapist and trainer, IANLP coach, NLP Master Practitioner, certified Social Panorama Consultant, certified Hypnotherapist, certified by the Bert Hellinger institute for family constellations and has the diploma primary medical knowledge. She attended many workshops by national and international trainers and therapists.

Organizer and assistant of the MSP trainings by Lucas Derks in the Netherlands and organizer of the online international MSP and Social Panorama trainings.

Jacqueline is in the board of the Society for Mental Space Psychology as research committee member, and she is responsible for the social media. She also tries to find people through social media or the international trainings who are interested and suitable for being ambassadors for the SOMSP. And also seeks audiences other than psychologists and therapists who can apply Mental Space Psychology in their work.
She is associated with the International Laboratory for Mental Space Research, Berlin (Ger), Nijmegen (NL), Linz (Aus) as psychotherapy researcher.

Jacqueline has participated as a therapist in a Dutch clinical study on the treatment of a mild depression with NLP and was also a research assistant. Her research into binge eating and overweight followed this experience.
The scientific article of this was published in the book by Lisa de Rijk, Richard Grey and Frank Bourke, Neurolinguistic programming in clinical settings, theory and evidence-based practice.

Jacqueline developed Mental Space Psychology Food and Overweight Panorama and regularly gives MSP-Binge Eating and Overweight training for therapists and a mental space training for nutrition professionals.  She developed the online training, unconsciously eating healthy© and losing weight, change your unconscious eating pattern in 3 lessons with video guidance.

Website also for MSP trainings

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Heemskerk coaching Katwijk

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