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Kerth, Walther

Brazilian entrepeneur, sensitive, creative, curious and versatile explorer of the human inner universe. Beeing an MSP ambassador gives me the proper sense of I have been doing for many years in Brazil, which is contributing to enrich Brazilian NLP community with the best and updated knowledge available in the NLP.

MSP and Social Panorama, as well as NLP, Hipnosys, Focusing, Family Constellations and Somatic Experiencing are important resourses that help me to understand the inner structure, needs and motivations which shows the paths to do what are my best skills in Learning Design, my most dear specialty. Learning how to learn became my solution to face life's challenges and to strive in this chaotic world in which people usually neither tell what they do nor do what they tell!

Valinhos, SP, Brazil or

whatsapp: +55 11 97206-8800

Kerth, Walther
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