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LOIRE, Isabelle

About me:

I have always been fascinated by the human mind . As a child, I dreamed of becoming a writer to be able to live 1000 lives. Later on, I studied international business to travel far way and meet people with different beliefs . Today I am very happy to be an Ambassador to contribute to a better understanding of how our thoughts are organized and help people use them for the better.

Isabelle professionally:

NLP Trainer and Coach, certified Society of NLP

Collective Intelligence Facilitator, certified by Dilts Strategy Group

Management consultant in organisations (specialised in collaborative management tools)

As a trainer, a coach and a consultant, I use a lot Mental Space Psychology for issues like :

- conflict resolution : with collaborators or hierarchy

- improvement of relationships : it helps understand better the position of the other person, deal with fear, shame, anger, and any kind of limiting feeling

- public speaking coaching, including the improvement of the self image

- self-esteem,


- grief : of a position, a relationship, …

These tools are quick and make a dramatic change in the way the person sees  the situation, allowing  her to imagine new  solutions.

NLP Trainer, Coach Trainer, Organisation Consultant



108 Le Mont-Riant, 13013 Marseille – France




LOIRE, Isabelle
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