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Nozza, Sanne

Sanne Nozza has her own business in the coaching field and she helps people to adress other parts of the self, so they can open up to possibilities which are unknown or unseen and invite possibilities and magic and miracles. People discover new parts of the self and give themselves permission to work and live from the heart.
She is a proud secretary of the Society of Mental Space Psychology.

As a coach Sanne loves to work with different techniques and she is open to improvising and combining different points of view. After she completed her study Pedagogy at the University, she studied NLP on the Master level, where she first came across Mental Space Psychology in the form of Social Panorama. Since then, she has kept on professionalising myself in the coaching field, for example with constellations and quantum healing.

Working with Mental Space Psychology is liberating, Sanne thinks. It’s a relief to see how easily people indicate all kinds of themes in their space and it clarifies so many things. We don’t need many words, and we can use creativity and imagination. She LOVES that!

Sanne can be reached at:

The details of her company are:

Sanosi Coaching
0031(0)6 24 25 7007

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