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Thalmann, Konstanze

K reativ

O ptimistic

N aturopathic practic

S tress-resistant

T hirsty for knowledge

A nimal lover

N ature lover

Z en approach

E mpathic

I am multifaceted. Being an ambassador means an honor for me. And at the same time a challenge to be able to bring the topic even more to the people. I am interested in the scientific development of NLP and MSP and the exchange with like-minded people.

About me

I have a diploma in property management.

Many people came to me who did not have a problem with their apartment, but a personal issue. So I started coaching more than 20 years ago.

Now I´am Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie, lecturer and Lehrtrainer. I have further trainings: Herbal medicine, teacher "Deutscher Kinderschutzbund Starke Eltern, starke Kinder“, therapies – talk, hypno, systemic, trauma …

I live on a farm and have there a Naturopath Practice and I work as a lecturer and teaching trainer. In 2013 I met Lucas Derks and the Social Panorama. Since then, this has enriched my work. I find the mental space psychology is an excellent approach to therapy and change work and I'm still excited to work with it. Above all, to see how sustainable it is in most cases.

In my mind, a course for people is currently being created, where I combine nature and MSP.

Dorfstraße 2

09326 Geringswalde

Telefon            037382 809978

Mobil               0172 9882828


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